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Sounds and Sweet Airs


Kornbongkoch Harnpinijsak

Weichen Tang

My role:

Concept, sound design, system design, coding and tech


Tate Britain, London

Ars Electronica, Linz

FOLD Club, London

The Bartlett, UCL

Here East, UCL


IDEAT magazine

(No 061, May 2020, China)


Sensory experience, soundscape, 

sensory memory, well-being, extended auditory system, Arduino, HTC Vive, Unity, MaxMSP




“Be not afeard, the isle is full of noises,

Sounds, and sweet airs, that give delight and hurt not.”

-- Shakespeare, The Tempest


How do we perceive our environment?

How do we remember the sounds?

This project is an immersive synthetic sound ecology that features several mechanical ‘species’ of creatures that each generate sounds from everyday recycled materials. These creatures have different characteristics and are sensitive to different elements of the physical environment including temperature, humidity, light, sound and human movement. When distributed in a built environment, these creatures create an evolving soundscape that reflects the state of the space, forming a nature-like sound atmosphere that is gradually disappearing in our ever urbanised environments.

The work rethinks our sonic relationship to the built environment by tapping in to memories of our historically natural habitat and aims to evoke a more intimate sensory connection to the spaces around us with the subtle auditory cues generated in this spatial sound field. The modular and reconfigurable nature of the sound creatures not only allows them to adapt to different spaces and environmental characteristics but also to the different occupants. The design of the creatures affords the opportunity for occupants to customise and take part in the evolution of these sounds and to heighten awareness of the sonic potential of the discarded materials around us.

more project details here.

Project versions:

1. Interactive sensory experience

2. Mixed reality experience

3. Workshop experience

4. Immersive experience in daily context

5. ...

Audience Feedback:

"Cicadas, crickets, frogs, birds..."


Living Symphonies - James Bulley, Daniel Jones

The Great Animal Orchestra - Bernie Krause

Weather Report - Chris Watson

Outside the Circle of Fire - Chris Watson

The Deep Listener - Jakob Kudsk Steensen

Virtual Barber Shop

How do we recognize sounds?

What does a soundscape tell?

I need a hug from the world.


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