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Leslie Epsztein

Marina Ieridou

Peng Gao

Saria Ghaziri

My role:

Concept, visual design, coding


Choreography, somaesthetic space, projection mapping, performance, motion tracking, system, consciousness



How does the time flow between us?

How do spaces overlap?

“A live performance improvised through the interaction between the dancer and the choreographer.”

This is a project experimenting with the correlation of spatial arrangement and performance. By exposing the choreographer on stage and putting the dancer behind the screen, audiences are being shifted backstage to experience the performance from a different perspective.

The dancer performs according to the visual pattern projected on the screen which is controlled by the choreographer using simple hand gestures recognised by Kinect. At the same time, the choreographer improvises the performance in relation to the dancer’s movements.

backstage 3.jpg

We are all observers.

We are all observed.



A Ship Without a Rudder - Ranulph Glanville

First-Order, Second-Order, Third-Order Embodiment - Thomas Metzinger

Particle system

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